Family Collaboration

"Horticino" is a family collaboration between a building designer and a horticulturist.

The writer (Bruce Brunton) is the designer, who is responsible for the business and client liaison side of Horticino, whilst Michael Brunton is the qualified horticulturist and hands on gardening expert.

Michael‘s CV (available on request) includes a comprehensive range of landscape and horticultural experience, which now spans around 20years in local conditions.

This is backed up by my building design expertise and project management skills, founded upon 40 years plus of architectural experience. Because landscaping is very much about designing external spaces, that often need to relate to a built environment, we find that this is a very effective mix of skills.


Many of our clients are business people, who work long days and find it difficult to meet during normal business hours - therefore rest assured that we are never too busy, or too precious, and welcome landscape enquiries at any time (within reason).


At Horticino we use ArchiCAD to develop all of our landscape design drawings.

This is a system where a 3d computer model is available for coordinating any external building work required or contained in the landscape design, as well as for 3d visualisation.

Horticino Mission Statement

Our primary aim is to provide the best landscape outcome possible, for all Horticino clients, whilst maintaining a personalised and relaxed working relationship.


Rocklane Pty Ltd ACN 081 643 478 trading as Horticino